So it's all Adam's Fault?: The Father of Mankind Did a Great Job!

— feeling surprised
Eve: A Novel - WM. Paul Young


     My childhood days believed in the concept of "First Couple". I was petted and educated under the roof of Catholics. Not to mention also that I used to enter a school for Catholics. For what I have learned, sin entered the household of God because of Eve. She, enthralled and tempted by the serpent, had eaten the forbidden fruit, and gave a portion to Adam and ate it. This is actually a clear picture to those who - sculpted the minds by Adults - believed in the enticing story of the Fall.


     Eve is a novel, written by the same author of The Shack, W.M. Paul Young. I bought this book last year in a booksale somewhere in Manila. To my first glance, I was tempted to buy it because of the image of an uneaten apple hanging still, waiting for him to be fetched and touched - so I bought it alas!


     It has been my culture that before I buy a book, I need to read first the plot at the back wing (but why do other books won't give their simple and short plot?). From what I have read and concluded, a girl was encapsulated in a shipping container, washed ashore on an island and retrieved by a collector named John and soon discovered that her genetic code connects her to every known race. At the course of the book, she was invited by Eve herself to be "the witness" of the beginning of the world.


     My mind thought that Eve will also give her a hint that she's the one who paved the sin into its way to all the creation, but IT IS NOT. THE BOOK TELLS ITS READERS THAT SIN ENTERED THIS WORLD BECAUSE OF ADAM - NOT EVE! AGAIN NOT EVE BUT ADAM ALONE.


     Though still, I am in the study and research of this claim if this has a biblical support. But the thing about this book? You want to finish it because it might be a sin for you not to end this, and questions on your mind will pop up suddenly, and the pleasure that you wanted to answer all your questions will be answered only if you read the whole chapters of the book. The writing style of W.M. Paul Young is EXCELLENT! Imagery has been used, creatively!


     The book claimed that Adam was the sole reason of sin here in this world. He turned himself away from God. Once Adam believed that his turning was the good, darkness became his reality. Control replaced trust, imagination took the place of WORD, and power the place of relationship and love. All happened because of Adam's turning! He turned away from the love and trust of God, and without trust in the word or character of God, death is his contribution to mankind. It was all started because of his conversation to a serpent (Though the book also claimed that the serpent was innocent, that the "turning" of Adam gave the power to lurk himself in the power of darkness, thus giving full potential to the temptation of the serpent). and after their talk, he closed his eyes and turned away from face-to-face into himself and when he did that, he believed he was alone!


     That thinking that he was alone was the start of his turning. He believed that no one cares about him; that he has no companion; and that no one can appreciate his doings. Until he asked the creator to find that someone who will believe, care, and love him. And Eve was born because of this. But still his "turning" would never suffice his pleasure until they ate the forbidden fruit. In the novel, it was also clearly mentioned that Adam was the only one vanished from the garden, and Eve was remained in the garden after she bid forgiveness to her creator. But eventually, she longed for the presence of Adam, and decided to turn herself also to God. And both of them leave the garden. 


      Other things that you will see in the book are:

1. The Mythological Figure of Lilith - Who she was, and what was her contribution in the story of creation.

2. The Guardians who helped John and Lily - Actually they are Angels in disguise.

3. The Salvation promised to us by Adonai =) - I found my comfort here actually!

4. The Role of Mary in the Salvation =) This also gave me a peaceful mind




If you want to know everything about this book - The GREAT THING YOU WILL DO is to READ IT! It is highly recommended to all the shattered soul, like me, if you want to find solace


Disclaimer: Before you read the book, you must guard your senses and faith. What you will about to read is something different from what we have learned when we were still child.


Significant Lines: 


1. "Our deep longings remind us we have lost something vital and precious. Such yearnings are the stirring of hope. Of returning. " - Eve to Lily. 

2. "My daughter, have you learned nothing from my turning? God wants you to abide face-to-face with Him. Dwelling in and with Him is the greatest GOOD" - Eve to Lily

3. " You wait for the appointed time. And while you wait, your work each day is to trust Him in whatever lies before you"  - Mary to Lily