Everything about the Shattered Puzzle of History.

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History Is All You Left Me - Adam Silvera


"There's going to come a time when keeping you happy is no longer the right thing."


           - Wade to Griffin, pg. 250


     I remember the night when I stuck in a store, grabbed this book, and decided to buy it. I just saw this book online and wished that I MUST read this since I am a fan of LGBTQ+ novels.



     So much about this, the book will also reach its readers about different unexpected people who have been sent by the universe to act and to cooperate with our history. The red strings that we have in our fingers will be untangled by these very least unexpected people. 


     I highly recommend this book to readers ages 18 above. To those who are haunted by their unfathomable bleeding history. To those who are trying to find a solace and reconciliation from their past. And for those who wanted to stitch back their normal lives. This book will teach you on how to fix your SHATTERED PUZZLE OF HISTORY.