Gothic all the way to my New Year 2019!

— feeling excited
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein - Kiersten White


     “I, however, was perfectly aware of my beauty. I considered it a skill, alongside speaking French, English, Italian and German. It was a language of its own, in a way. One that translated well in different circumstances.”


     This day is a totally freaking Sunday (but I want also to mention, that I am so blessed) because I am so excited to read a new book, though I can't wait for the new year bell rings and explosion of firecrackers but basically to start a new and fresh ideas, adventures, and story yet to be unfolded. 


     The book that you can see floating before your screen is my first TBR book this 2019. I don't really know why I got so flaunted and fond in the odds and beauty of a gothic novel. Yeah, given that I really can create mental pictures and images vividly on my mind, but the structure of story telling of one's persona in a dark setting gives me a complete sense of peace and relaxation. It sounds ironic, but dark images can also wrap me into his mantle of care.


     This book also MUST provide me a complete sensation of well-being. 


     One of the books that I bought during Christmas holidays, as a matter of factly, is this as my present to my self. So it's 8:09 AM now, December 30, 2019, the weather is perfect - Raining, the sky is dark, cold like a dew brewing itself in the grass, and a cup of tea! 


     So give me 3 days to finish this book, and I'll give you my clap and review! See yah!